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Sweet, emotional story *Audiobook*

'Tis the Season - Alex Jane

'Tis the Season is an emotional tale and touches on some serious topics. That said, I was impressed with how the author handled those topics along with the touches of humor and wit to keep the story from being too heavy, yet still not taking anything away from the importance of subject matter. I also loved the references to a favorite holiday movie, which fit this sweet romance perfectly. Our main characters are endearing and while their losses are different, they're both grieving and find that healing can come in the most unlikely of places. The only drawback, for me, lay in the intimate scenes between the pair. Some of the vocabulary used, while a wonderful use of the language, didn't fit with the characters. When conversing, they often have a witty banter, but they are plain spoken, so some of the prose used during their steamy times felt more like telling the audience rather than showing and tended to pull me out of the story and those scenes felt a bit forced. That aside, this is a wonderful tale of love, loss, finding love again, and finding that person who compliments you rather than tearing you down. Michael Fell does a nice job on the narration with his smooth voice and inflections.