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Twisty and Twisted

The Girl Who Lived - Christopher Greyson

The Girl Who Lived is a slow build in the beginning, painting a picture of a disturbed young woman who has survived something horrific. The story begins with her release from a psychiatric hospital and things steadily progress from there with Faith becoming increasingly convinced that she's being targeted even while she tries to find the killer. With the list of suspects growing, Faith doesn't know who to trust, especially when everyone seems to be somehow connected. The book is wonderfully written and the suspense builds with twists and turns that are enough to give you whiplash. The allure of any great suspense story is trying to figure out the whodunit before it's revealed, and I did quite a lot of that with this gripping psychological thriller. Of course, every time I was sure I knew who the killer was, Christopher Greyson threw another wrench into the works, making me second guess everything. I won't say more so as not to give spoilers, and this is one that should be enjoyed spoiler-free. Overall, The Girl Who Lived is a gritty psychological thriller, full of suspense, angst, and 'oh my gosh, who did that' moments.