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Eye-rollingly ridiculous

Necromance - Armand Rosamilia

According to the blurb, this one is a supernatural, horror thriller and I'll admit that it sounded interesting. Supernatural, yes, I'll agree with that. Horror - by definition, horror should cause at least some measure of fear. There was absolutely nothing scary about this story. And as far as the thriller label goes, I can't say I found much that falls into that category either. What I did find was a character who uses sarcasm for every circumstance. I'm usually a big fan of sarcasm, but when it's all there is, it becomes quite tedious. There is an element of suspense surrounding our main character's father, but I found Cheri to be so unlikable and the story line so ridiculous that I didn't much care if she reached her goal. My advice, if you're looking for scary or thrilling, skip this one. If you want little substance and lots of ill-timed sex, then maybe you'll like this one more than I did.