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Unique story line

The Shady Corner - Matthew  Williams

It's increasingly hard to find anything original in the horror genre, so The Shady Corner took me by surprise with its unique story line. The one drawback for me was the way the story jumped back and forth in the timeline. It felt that some chapters ended rather abruptly and then jumped to a different time in David's life. In spite of that, the story does move at a fast pace and the characters are complex and love them or hate them, they're intriguing. Williams paints an eerie picture and sets a scene masterfully as he takes us throughout the life of the troubled David. In fact, I spent most of this tale simultaneously hating David and feeling sorry for him. Some scenes are graphic and disturbing, and a lot of the story is psychological in nature with a bit of the supernatural keep the chills and tension rising. The book, on the whole, is completely riveting and kept me turning pages to see what would happen next.