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Hilarious and scorching hot

Mister McHottie: A Billionaire Boss / Brother's Best Friend / Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy - Pippa Grant

I'm pretty critical when it comes to romantic comedies, but I couldn't find much to criticize in this one. Grant had me laughing from page one and things that were a bit over the top and eye-roll worthy, they just worked for this one. There's a fine line between love and hate and Chase and Bro dance all over it. The chemistry between them is crazy good, even when they're slinging insults, and they take angry sex to a whole new level. Mister McHottie has great characters, brilliantly witty dialogue, and a fast-paced, hilarious story that I couldn't put down. Pippa Grant is new to me, but this crazy good romantic comedy just put her on my authors to watch list! If you need a good laugh and enjoy crazy, over the top pranks (including some perfectly timed glitter bombs), sexual innuendo, combined with a scorching hot enemies to lovers romance, this is a must read.