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Dark, gritty, and emotional

Cain (An Out of the Cage Novel) (Volume 1) - Lane Hart

Cain is everything that I've come to expect from this author. This emotional, beautifully written tale grabbed hold and didn't let go. It's so much more than just an MMA romance. It's a coming of age story of kids stuck between a rock and a hard place, doing what they must just to survive another day. Gabby's innocence and Cain's determination to protect that innocence from betrayals that she doesn't even know about is like a light shining in the dark. Cain and Gabby have such good chemistry and they are so good together, but this story is about so much more than just this couple. Together with Ivan and Knox, this is a family born not of blood, but of shared hardship and struggles.

Lane Hart didn't just tell me a story, she pulled me in to the lives of these characters. My heart broke right along with them as they clawed and struggled for their happily ever after. The only downfall for me was that I wanted more. Don't get me wrong, the book ended perfectly, but I was so caught up that I wasn't ready to let go. So, this reader will be not so patiently waiting for Ivan's story.