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slow starter, but picks up quickly

The 7: Lust - F.G. Adams, Scott Hildreth, Geri Glenn, Max Henry, Gwyn McNamee, Kerri Ann, M.C. Webb, Julia Goda

This one was a slow starter for me, but once it picked up, it surprised me with its grit. When Savannah and Styx meet, their story is all about lust and the heat level is off the charts. The story takes a heart-wrenching turn for this pair and it's about a different kind of lust - one that doesn't involve romance of any kind. Savannah's journey is a roller coaster ride of emotion and I found myself liking her hero more and more as he steps up to the plate and shows that he's there for her, no matter what. So, while most of this tale is dark, it does give the reader something we could all use more of - hope.