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Knocked Up and Tied Down - Melinda Minx

Knocked Up and Tied Down is sexy and a bit naughty with the teacher/student aspect and sort of a second chance romance. While Elijah and Nikki don't actually seal the deal the first time around, the attraction is certainly there. 

Elijah is an oh so sexy professor and it's all he can do to not act on his attraction to his student. He and Nikki can't forget their magnetic pull and when they come together a few years later, it's fan yourself sexy and they can't get enough of each other. Of course, as is obvious from the title, an unexpected pregnancy throws a wrench into the works.

I can't say that I necessarily felt the romance between this pair, but the sexual chemistry is definitely there. It is an interesting story, but I felt that a bit more development on the romance between Elijah and Nikki could've easily transformed this one into a five-star read. 

While this isn't my favorite book from Minx, it is well worth the read and I will continue to check out future works from her.