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A Jade's Trick (Jaded Book 1) - Lilly Black
Cain and Evan's story is thoroughly captivating and erotic. Evan is scarred, both inside and out, and hides behind her snark and wit. When Cain sets his sights on her, what follows is an all-consuming seduction that even the most jaded of us would be hard put to ignore. As Cain introducing Evan to BDSM and she begins to open up, their feelings for each other are almost palpable. 
The story is beautifully written and emotional as Black paints a picture of not just romance and sex, but of obsession, betrayal, love, lust, trust, and even hope. This first book in the series is more than just a love story, it's a journey for this pair as they fight an claw their way through the beginnings of a relationship amid the many pitfalls created by so many around them. 
Lilly Black has given us romance, mystery, and a bit of mayhem with twists and turns that will give you whiplash - right to the very last page. Speaking of the last page, I was floored and can't wait to dive in to book two!