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Scored - Sloane Howell

Scored is witty, fun, and off the charts sexy. If you're looking for a deeper meaning and lots of hearts and flowers, you won't find it here. What you will find, is an engaging and steamy tale that is loaded with snark and low on angst.

Kelsey comes across as a bit wishy-washy at first as she tries to decide whether or not to give Matt a chance, but there's no denying the humor of her inner dialogue and her sarcastic wit kept her in my good graces. Matt is an all-around good guy and our snarky heroine certainly keeps him on his toes, but he takes it in stride and holds his own quite well with the chuckle worthy banter throughout this romance. 

While I hesitate to call this a sports romance since we don't really get any game play, Matt is a baseball player and has a tough decision to make - one that could have a huge impact on a relationship with the hesitant Kelsey. The angst of that decision is relatively low and the story primarily focuses on the pair getting to know each other, both in and out of the bedroom. Overall, Howell has given us an amusing and often quite humorous romance with lots of fan yourself sexy and some fantastic banter and wit between characters. And I have to add that the epilogue was pretty darn perfect.