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Sweet, sexy romance

The Pretend Husband: Romance In the City, Book 1 - Declan Rhodes

In all honesty, I've grown a bit tired of the fake marriage trope for romance, but Rhodes gives us something a little different than the typical with this type of love story, and make no mistake, this is a love story, even when our sexy fellows don't know it.

Liam and Alex are so good together and I found it amusing that for much of this story, everyone realizes that except for this miss-communicating pair. Their chagrin at how quickly the ruse has spread along with the struggle to find a resolution is equally amusing and kept me turning pages, hoping for their happy ending. 

Overall, Rhodes has given us another sweet, sexy romance and an all-around fun read. It's well-written with great characters and a witty dialogue. This reader will be anxiously awaiting whatever comes next for this series.