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Accidental Man Whore - Katherine Stevens

About a quarter of the way through this one, I wasn't sure how well I'd end up liking it. I have to say that Ben certainly isn't the sharpest tool in the gardening shed and his gullibility caused more than one eye roll for this reader, but he still manages to come across as quite the endearing character. He does, after all, fall into the escort business while trying to help his dad.
Miryam is everything Ben isn't - put together with her life planned out, or so she thought. These two have little in common, but somehow, they just work, often in spite of their differences. They're thrown together by a crazy series of circumstances and family events that keep the story moving and the chuckles rolling.
The secondary characters are at times even more amusing than our couple. I absolutely loved Ben's cantankerous dad and Miryam's Bubbie.
In the end, I found Accidental Man Whore to be witty and fun, making for an enjoyable lighthearted read.