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Must read for Norse fans

Mjolnir - Brian James

I've always been interested in mythology and the Norse with all their quirks are always good for an entertaining read, so I was excited for Mjolnir. It certainly delivered! We do get a bit of a lesson on the Norse in the beginning, which I didn't need, but it is quite entertaining in its own right and great for anyone not familiar with the pantheon.

The book is wonderfully written and the story is dark, witty, and entertaining. Banished to Earth, these larger than life characters are forced to acclimate and their chosen professions suit their personalities quite well. Professional athlete, businessman, stripper and prostitute, and stuck in a nursing home, reading fortunes from cereal bowls, the Viking gods are making the best they can of the situation until it's time to get down to business.

From the very first line (and it's a brilliant starter), I was hooked and stayed that way, page after page. If you enjoy Norse mythology, this is a must read.