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Naked We Came - Robert Lane

Let me start by saying that Robert Lane and his Jake Travis novels are new to me, so I jumped into this one cold and it's not the first Travis novel. That being said, the premise of this book is quite good - a thirty year old mystery that is about as personal as it gets for Jake. My problem is that I never quite connected to the character. Whether this is because I'm jumping in late to Lane's Travis novels or something else is something I'm still unsure of, but the fact remains. Jake has a sarcastic wit that I usually love in a character, but when there's little else, it gets tedious pretty quickly.
There is plenty going on to keep the story moving, but in the end, I found the conclusion less than believable. The idea of a secret that big staying a secret for that long is far-fetched at best, especially when multiple people are involved. Everything combined, Naked We Came ended up being just an okay read for me.