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Compelling and Emotional

Strip Me Bare - M. Never

This second chance romance took me by surprise. I fully expected a steamy read and I got that, but there is so much more to Ryan and Alana's story. M. Never certainly knows how to pack on the feels and she does it quite masterfully. I got so frustrated with Alana's constant submission to her father's orders, no matter how far out there they were, but at the same time, my heart broke for her situation. The chemistry between this pair was almost palpable and through it all, you can't help but root for their happy ending. While the pace does get a bit slow at times, the writing is compelling and I was sufficiently drawn in that it didn't bother me. So, when you see the title and cover, do not dismiss this as just another stripper romance. Strip me Bare is a packed full of emotions, tug at the heartstrings journey of two people who will fight and claw their way to each other, going through the fire to emerge victorious as they discover who and what they want to be... Together.