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Sometimes Less is More

The Dark Lake - Sarah  Bailey

Let me start by saying that Bailey is quite talented and writes well, but about half way through this tale, I felt like the author didn't know when to turn it off. The story starts off good and pulled me in effectively, but shortly thereafter, it began to fizzle. I found the main character, Gemma, completely unlikable and was never able to warm up to her as she sets about solving the murder of her high-school rival. I've read many flawed characters that were lovable in spite of their flaws. Not so with this one. I could've gotten past that, but the story gets so bogged down with too many details that it becomes rather boring at times. It was plain to see where the author was leading the reader from a fairly early point, making it entirely too easy to solve this mystery, which takes away from the mystery and suspense of the book. Overall, it was way too long and filled with more teenage angst than necessary, in my opinion, especially considering how easy it was to figure out. The story did show promise and the author is gifted, but sometimes less is more.