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Lots of steam with some suspense thrown in

Misadventures of a Good Wife - Meredith Wild, Helen Hardt

This second book in the Misadventures series started out with some steamy fun between Kate and Price and then, quickly got serious when Price's plane goes down. It was shortly after that when my issues with the story began. The biggest one for me, and the one I couldn't get past, was Kate's reaction when she first sees Price again. I realize that this is fiction, but it still has to make sense or the story starts to lose the reader. I can understand tears of joy and even some hugs and kisses when Kate realizes that Price is alive, but hot and steamy sexy time before she has any answers was a bit much. In fact, every time this story started to have some tension and build-up on the suspense angle, there was another steamy scene. Don't get me wrong, these two are seriously hot together and I have no problem with a sexy read, but it reached a point that it was one intimate scene after another with a little story thrown in. Sadly, that story could've been quite good on its own, but after page upon page of Kate pulling answers out of Price and then the back and forth about where they would go, it was hard to stay with it. The book does pick up in the last 25% or so, and there's plenty of action there as the tale reaches its conclusion, but the suspense side of this book could've been so much more.