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A deal among friends

Cole (All In Book 2) - Liz Meldon

This second book in the All In trilogy gives us a little more insight on Cole. He's a bit frustrating as he skirts the issue of his feelings for Skye, but he's still an endearing character. Finn, on the other hand, has no problem with what he wants and puts it right out there. Well, until he most needed to. Cole and Skye are just as scorching hot as she and Finn were in the first book, maybe even more and now Skye is torn between what she should do and what she wants to do. With a friend's agreement and both men knowing what they want, all that's left is to convince Skye. I'll be anxiously awaiting that part of this romance. 

This is a continuing story and I would highly recommend reading the first book, Finn, first, so you don't miss anything.