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The tension builds

Jewels and Panties (Book, Nine): The One - Brooke Kinsley

This ninth book in the Jewels and Panties series gives some insight into Lincoln's past, somewhat explaining the path he has taken thus far. I was happy to see Detective Berger again and even happier that he may have found a bit of romance of his own. Etta is still missing while Lincoln is at a loss in his search. True-to-form, there's a new twist in the tale and I'm here, tapping my foot, not so patiently waiting for what's next. 

This is a continuing story and it needs to be read in order to get the full impact of this deliciously dark and suspenseful tale. There are lots of cliffys as it progresses, which is something I'm not usually a big fan of, but Lincoln and Etta's story hooked me from the beginning and has been one helluva ride. I'm dying to know how it all comes out.