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Royal Pain: A His Royal Hotness Novel - Tracy Wolff

At the start of Royal Pain, Kian is the typical playboy and then meets Savvy. Their initial interaction were witty and quite funny with Savvy's attitude and the banter between them, and I actually liked Savvy until she started to doubt everything. The he hasn't called, will he call, oh, no he's not going to call quickly became tedious, but I could've overlooked that. However, there were a few other things that I couldn't overlook. The blurb does allude to the fact that Kian may not be Savvy's first prince and I suppose I should've thought of it, but it didn't occur to me that her first prince could be Kian's brother. It's bad enough that his brother is missing and possibly dead, but he then pursue's this woman even after learning of her past relationship with his brother. For me, that part alone is a bit of an ick factor. Once our couple seals the deal, the story starts to go downhill at a rapid pace. Their marathon steamy times were repetitive and way over the top - I started skimming after around 20 pages on my Kindle on their first, umm, encounter, and skimmed the rest after that. One, in particular, was at least a couple of chapters long. I'm no prude and I do like a good steamy story, but once Kian and Savvy get together, there was very little story and lots and lots of getting together with Savvy freaking out over whether or not he'll call in between. 

I did finish the book, but not because I cared where the relationship was going. Honestly, I only wanted to see what happened to the brother, and that last bit of the book was the best of it for me. I understand that there is another His Royal Hotness novel coming, but if this one is any indication of what is to come, I think I'll skip it.