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The Visitors - Catherine Burns

This book was not at all what I expected. Just from the blurb, I pretty well figured out who the visitors were, but this book really isn't about them. The visitors are minor characters at best, and more a nuisance to Marion than anything else. As far as her dark side, that's evident from early in the story, which does nothing to build up any kind of mystery or suspense. The only mystery here is whether these horrible people will face any form of justice. As far as characters go, I didn't find a single likable character in this book. Even the "visitors" don't elicit much empathy as we get so little about them. 

The story is dark and psychological, but it is extremely convoluted and more of a character study of Marion than anything else. We get numerous flashbacks of Marion's life, but they are in no particular order and some are tedious with the details. Then, we get emails at random that are easy enough to figure out, but again, they are rather random. The worst parts for me were the details of Marion's current every day life, including an almost complete play by play of television programs that she watched. 

I finally made it to the end and I have to say that after all of that, even the ending was thoroughly unsatisfying.