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The Hunt - Chloe Neill

To be fair, I haven't read the other books in this series, so I was a bit lost on a few things, but the author does give ample details as the story progresses. The book started off well enough with a bit of snark and humor, but as it went on, it began to drag. I'm all for setting a scene, but it went a little over the top at times and it was more details and talking than anything else through much of the story. 

I never really warmed up to Claire and actually found some of the secondary characters to be much more interesting than the heroine. The action does pick up in the latter part of the book, but by that time, I was rather disconnected from the story and found it hard to care much about the outcome, which is a bit abrupt, in my opinion. 

Overall, it was just an okay read and didn't interest me enough to look into the other books in the series.