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Lacks continuity

Godhunter - Amy Sumida

I love Urban Fantasy and mythology and was so excited about this one. It started out well enough, but it didn't take long for my excitement to fizzle. The book does have mythological characters, so many that by the time I was half way through, I'm not sure if any Pantheon was missed. The problem with all the gods crammed into this story is that I never figured out exactly why they needed Vervain for their quest or why she was a Godhunter in the first place. Basically, the world-building lacks continuity and the story is convoluted. I get the idea of a reverse harem and am not offended by it, but there needs to be some story to it and this character seems to be sexually attracted to almost every male she meets. What this book boils down to is a story that had potential but ended up being 400+ pages of sexual innuendo and pop culture references. A few times, I did come across a line or two that gave me reason to smile or chuckle, which is the only reason for the 2, rather than 1, star rating.