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The Hatter and The Hare (Hacking Wonderland Book 2) - Allyson Lindt

This is not the Wonderland that we grew up with. This one is brought into modern day with a criminal underground and internet hacking. The book is wonderfully written and fast paced with plenty of twists to keep you guessing. As far as the cyber world goes, this is about as advanced as it gets for me, but you don't have to understand the ins and outs of being a hacker to follow this tale - that part isn't that detailed. What I did find in this Wonderland tale is a suspenseful story as Reagan continues to chase the clues left by her brother and Hare plots his next move. Lindt's writing style and story-telling draw a reader in as both sides work to out-maneuver the other. The only drawback was that I felt like the conclusion was a bit too quick, especially considering the journey to get there. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this tale with it's suspense, romance, steamy fun, and some truly endearing characters.