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Great intro to Jim DeLong

The Murder of Manny Grimes - Angela Kay

The Murder of Manny Grimes has everything a good crime thriller should have. The opening chapter pulled me in to the mystery and the characters are so well developed that I felt like I knew them. While the case of Manny Grimes' murder is interesting enough with its twists and turns to keep a reader turning pages, I was equally interested in the life of Jim DeLong and those around him. None of these characters are perfect by any means and DeLong has his share of flaws, but there's something endearing about him in spite of those flaws. DeLong's determination to find a killer while dealing with a crumbling marriage pulls at the heartstrings throughout this gripping tale. Overall, this first Cases of Lieutenant DeLong is wonderfully written and a solid introduction to what I hope is a long running series.