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Emotionally charged

Havoc Series Box Set - Autumn Grey, Okay  Creations

3.5 stars
This boxset consists of three books that are a continuing story, and considering the cliffys at the end of books one and two, I'm glad I got to read them all at once. The writing is very good and the first chapter of book one, Havoc, quickly pulled me in with Selene's heartbreaking story and had my mind going in a different direction than the story actually goes. From there, it took me a bit to warm back up to the story, but once I did, I found myself wanting to know more about this couple. There is an element of suspense with a stalker and as that escalates, so does the tension, but that doesn't really pick up until the second book. I will say that the whole story is a very emotionally charged romance and the passion between Selene and Remington felt quite real and the character development was excellent.But, book three is where the story began to lose me again. There was so much going on and it was a bit rushed in the end. I felt like the series could've done with another book to completely tie things up and do the story justice. That, I believe, could have easily moved this one into the five-star ranking.