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Mountain Man: A Mountain Man Romance Collection - Hazel Parker

There's just something about a sexy mountain man and this collection has three of them. They aren't necessarily born and raised mountain men, more like all three have made themselves into mountain men. Other than a few minor grammatical errors, the writing is good in all three romances. The stories are entertaining, if a bit rushed, and they are certainly steamy. The biggest drawback is that there isn't much to set the tales apart. To sum it up - a man lives in a cabin with his dog, he rescues a woman, there's instant attraction and steamy times, they fall in love, have a baby, and live happily ever after. Other than the particular reason for each man living in the mountains alone and the reason for the woman being in those mountains, the stories were almost interchangeable. The Italian, the first book in the set, was the most original of the three, although it did still follow the same formula. By the time I made it to the third book, Mount Me, I knew exactly how it would go, which takes away from the enjoyment of the read. The stories aren't bad reads, but I would've preferred more variety in the plotlines, especially with them being in a boxset.