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Gripping and Terrifying

Pretty Wicked - Kelly Charron

Pretty Wicked is, hands down, one of the best thrillers that I've read in quite some time. It's a bit different from most thrillers since we know who the killer is from the start, so the suspense lies in just how far young Ryann will go before getting caught. Like most teenagers, fifteen year old Ryann thinks she's smarter than everyone else, especially the adults that she so easily manipulates. Where the story gets utterly creepy is when you add the thoughts and mindset of a psychopath to that teenage attitude. As if her thoughts aren't scary enough, when she follows through with her heinous plans, the story gets absolutely bone-chilling. The very idea of what appears to be a wholesome, sweet girl on the outside being so monstrous on the inside is both disturbing and terrifying. I found myself holding my breath as Ryann escalates and begins to take greater risks with each action. Some scenes are quite graphic and may be triggers for some, but what I found in the pages of this book was a gripping story that I couldn't put down.