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More romance than supernatural

Kane (Alexander Shifter Brothers Book 1) - Selina Coffey

Kane is a sweet and steamy romance between Damesha and Kane, but I found myself having to go back and reread the blurb about the shifter part. There is a bit of suspense surrounding Kane, but about 75% of the book is what I would contemporary romance. Other than Damesha's psychic ability, which isn't prevalent through most of the story, there's little in the way of the supernatural. From what is given about Kane's family through much of the book, his older, overbearing brother could've been nothing more than just that. He didn't have to be a shifter for that. The romance part is good, but just another romance, and by the time it got to the shifter part of the story, it all felt a bit rushed. Overall, an okay romance read with a smattering of a shifter tale at the end. The writing style is good and the pace is steady but fell short on the shifter side.