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Great start to the trilogy

Finn (All In Book 1) - Liz Meldon

Finn is a quick read (about an hour's read time) and unlike so many erotic books, there's a lot of story in those pages. It's a rare occasion to find an erotic romance that has this much interesting story rather than being one sexy time after another. This first book introduces Skye and explains her relationship with Cole. I'll admit, it wasn't at all what I was expecting and was quite an original idea for a story of this type. Skye's meeting with the oh, so sexy Finn is funny, engaging, and fan yourself steamy. I love Finn's charm and humor and look forward to seeing more of him throughout this trilogy. Meldon's writing style and story-telling pulled me in and kept me turning pages as the beginning of this romance unfolds. I hesitate to call the ending a cliffhanger - it's more of an open ending to be continued in the next book and I can't wait to read Cole's story!