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Hot, Hot, Hot

Justiss And Graver (MC Bear Mates Book 4) - Becca Fanning

This fourth book in the series picks up where the last one left off and tensions are high among the Nomads. Graver has no problem making a sacrifice with consequences to save Justiss, and then the fates throw a woman into the mix just to keep things interesting. Toni does seem to accept things a bit better than I would've expected, but when there are fireworks, there are fireworks - no sense arguing it. These mates do some tiptoeing around each other, but when things heat up, it's scorching hot. True-to-form, Fanning gives us a fated mates tale that is action-packed, romantic, a bit suspenseful, and all kinds of sexy. Be prepared, this one does have a bit of cliffhanger and I'm dying to see how it all plays out.