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Worst Men: An Enemies to Lovers Gay Romance - Rachel Kane

This enemies to lovers romance has a bit more angst than I care for, but the author adds in a bit of humor in just the right spots to break the tension and lighten things up. The attraction between Sergio and Marcus is plain to see, but they do have their obstacles to overcome. Marcus' past being a hot topic in the rumor mill, their financial differences, and Sergio's mistrust of relationships - just to name a few. The story is fast paced and it flows very well as this pair figure each other out and learn to trust in each other. Even with the high angst of this one, the story held my interest with its clever dialogue, bit of humor, and some oh so hot sexy. It's more than just an enemies to lovers romance. It's about learning to accept that special someone for who they are now, faults and all, not who they used to be.