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Crisis Alert (Divine Justice, 3) - Mary Abshire

I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the series, but they were just the appetizers, whetting the appetite for the entree that is Crisis Alert. Anna, demon hunting vampire, partners up with rogue vampire hunter, Zale, and the sparks fly - in more ways than one! The action is can't catch your breath, non-stop as this pair searches for the masters behind the outbreak of demons possessing the human population. And just a heads up for the squeamish, there is violence as the vampires and wolves battle for their lives, and it does get rather graphic. Let's just say that it's a very good thing these characters are supernatural and can heal quickly. 

Abshire shows just how talented she is with great characters, excellent world-building, an original premise, and some sexy fun. Crisis Alert is everything a good Urban Fantasy should be - entertaining, gripping, and absolutely impossible to put down.