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Hate Me, Take Me: A Hate-to-Love Duet - Clare  James

Hate Me, Take Me is most certainly a Contemporary Romance, but I hesitate to call it a Romantic Comedy. Both stories have their amusing moments, more so in the second book than the first, but there were too many serious issues for me to consider either story a comedy. Jenna and Michael's story, especially, deal with some pretty dark topics. The scenes with the dogs were cute and the pair did find themselves in some interesting situations, but not so much on the funny. I felt more sorry for Jenna than amused by her. Tristan and Aria's tale is much lighter and the interactions between Tristan and Cade were absolutely adorable. There are a few chuckles in this second part of the book, especially where young Cade is involved.
That being said, both stories are very well-written and the pacing and writing style kept me interested and turning pages. I did find Tristan and Aria's tale the more enjoyable of the two, but both stories were engaging and well worth reading. While I may not share the author's idea of what is and isn't comedy, she is talented and I would most certainly read her work again.