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Enemies to lovers

Dustin (Shifter Football League Book 3) - Becca Fanning

Dustin is an enemies to lovers romance and when I say enemies, I mean it in every sense of the word. Dustin and Brooklyn were on complete opposite sides of a coin. This one was a bit different than what I've come to expect from this author. I usually like her characters pretty quickly. Even with their faults, there's usually something to like about them. That wasn't the case with this pair. They each had their reasons for their actions - Dustin had no experience with competition and not being at the top of the list and a past bad experience shaped Brooklyn's attitude. Their problem was with the way they solved their problems. Dustin came across as arrogant and childish and Brooklyn was cold and unyielding. In fact, they both were so over the top in their actions that I wasn't sure I could like them. But, those actions kept me turning pages to see how this "romance" could possibly work out. I even reached a point that I was sure the only good outcome would be for both of these characters to get their just desserts. It turns out that Fanning knew exactly what she was doing. She sucked me in and kept me turning pages to see how this "romance" could possibly work out for these two. I don't want to give everything away, but the author certainly shows that there is redemption, even for what appears to be irredeemable. It just takes that special someone to open your eyes to what you thought you didn't want and to everything you can be with the right person at your back.