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Demon Tracker (Divine Justice, 2) - Mary Abshire

Book two in the Divine Justice series introduces Zale. He's tough, sexy, compassionate, and determined. Oh, and did I mention that he's a werewolf? Yep, a sexy werewolf who hunts down rogue vampires. Zale certainly doesn't trust the vampires (with good reason), but now it looks like he's going to have to work with them to prevent more bloodshed by the demons, which, in turn, protects the humans. So, the vampires need the werewolves, the humans need the vampires, and everybody needs the demons to be gone. (That's all the spoiler you get!)

The Divine Justice world gets a little bigger with the introduction of the UoJ and we learn a bit more about each race and their role in society - and they do have roles. They work, have friends and family, go out for a drink, etc - perfectly normal things that we all do, only behind that normalcy lies supernatural beings that live on blood, or shift into a werewolf, or maybe even cast a spell or two. That's the thing about these characters, as you read, you can picture these "normal" people passing you on the street or even living next door. They're all interesting in their own right, even the annoying Ray with his complaining and prejudices. 

Overall, Divine Tracker is witty, engaging, loaded with action and suspense, and absolutely unputdownable!