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Magic & Mayhem

Denai Touch: Excalibar Investigations Series - Tiffany Shand, Melody Simmons

This one has it all! Gripping suspense, edge of your seat action, and forbidden love in a story of magic and mayhem. The characters are well developed and interesting, the world-building is great, and the story line flows so well, creating a page turner that I couldn't put down.

Cate is a talented witch who has more on her plate than any one person should have to deal with. There's plenty of angst as she and Jason deny their feelings for each other, and if that isn't enough, she faces danger at every turn. Shand builds a world where two groups of witches are battling for control and our heroine often doesn't know who to trust. In fact, there were many characters that I was unsure of until the end and as I turned the last page and several things were made clear, I was still wondering about a couple of them. 

Overall, this first in the Excalibar Investigations series is a solid series starter and does well at introducing Shand's world and the characters that live in it. I would easily recommend this one to anyone who enjoys the genre.