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Good series starter

First Blade (Awakening Book 1) - Jane Hinchey

I read First Blade about a year or so ago and at that time, it was written as a standalone. Along with some grammatical errors, there was also the feeling that Georgia and Zac's story wasn't finished. At that time, I was on the fence about this one. When I heard that the book had been tweaked and was now part of a continuing series, I reread it and came off that fence quite quickly.

In this first book in the series, Georgia is psychic, often getting visions of other's future. Bring in Zac, the sexy angel/vampire hybrid and things escalate rapidly. Georgia frustrated me in this one with her attitude and tantrums. I could understand her reasoning for some of it, but she came across like an angry teen more often than not, rather than an adult who co-owns a business. That aside, the other characters were likable and the story flows nicely with plenty of action to keep things moving. The attraction between Georgia and Zac was palpable in its intensity and the suspense of the connection between the ring and blade add to the suspense. There were some unanswered questions, but that's to be expected in a continuing story.