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Great PNR

The Rest of Forever - Carrie Pulkinen

Carrie Pulkinen certainly shows just how good she is at what she does in this one. It is a different look at the guardian angel story than what most of us have come to expect. It's not about the battle between good and evil and there are no demons in this story - some not so good people, yes, but no demons for the angels to contend with. The Rest of Forever's guardians are quite human in nature. They fall in love, they get angry, they feel jealousy, they grieve, and like so many of us, they have trouble letting go of past hurts.
The story here is about Damian and April, their past relationship problems, and whether or not they can let go of those problems to find love with each other. The fact that they're guardian angels is an added bonus and quite interesting in its own right.
Overall, the story is sweet, romantic, sad at times, and even has a bit of humor in the bickering between April and Damian as they find their way. Pulkinen's writing style drew me in from the beginning and held me throughout the story. This is one that I have no problem recommending to anyone who enjoys the genre.