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Lusten (Kingdom of Nareth Book 2) - Mercedes Bleau

I'm always game for a steamy vampire tale and this one caught my eye. The world created here is original and intriguing, but with the very detailed glossary of terms - terms that are almost like another language - it reads more like high fantasy than a vampire romance. I was surprised that this one is labeled as erotica. It is steamy, but I would consider it more PNR or Fantasy. The blurb is a little misleading on the setting, giving no clue about the alternate world created in the book. It is a novella length book and by the time I got everything straight in my head, I was at the end (ie. words like Todesgeist, Sangeisten, Denkin, etc.) The romance was good and I feel like the story itself could've been quite interesting had I not been so distracted with learning what everything was. It was just too much of the unfamiliar crammed into too little pages.