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A Touch of Magic

A Song for the Sea - Caitlin Carrigan

This is the first book I've read by this author and I must say, she is certainly talented. Carrigan has a writing style that pulls a reader in with characters that are varied and interesting. I loved the cantankerous Lester! I'm not very familiar with fishing boats and all that is involved in the profession, so the details given on that were quite interesting to me. The drawback for me was that a rather large portion of the beginning of the book was taken up with a bit too much information about the lack of control of bodily functions during a particularly bad stomach bug. The character was miserably sick with said bug and his wife took care of and cleaned up after him would've been sufficient information on that subject, in my opinion. I didn't need pages and pages about it, and it took away from what I felt was otherwise a beautifully written story. That aside, I did enjoy the touches of magic throughout the tale and would read other works by this author.